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Covid19 Modules

Antigen / Citizen Test,
Antibody test

from 0,45

per test at 100k tests/month*

Booking portal for patients

 Check-in of the patient via QR code

Check-in of the sample via QR

Entry of the result

Generation of the result

Sending of the result via SMS/email

Forwarding of positive patients to PCR test

Notification of positive results to responsible health office

* Prices per test depend on the total number of tests per month. Plus SMS costs.

** Probably additional logistic costs, after arrangement

PCR Test / Vaccination


per test/vaccination*

Booking portal for patients

 Check-in of the patient via QR code

Check-in of the sample via QR

Connection to the PCR laboratory partner CBT Eurofins

Collection of the laboratory results

Preparation of the report

Sending of the report via SMS/email

Free KV-PCR after positive rapid test

Logistics to our PCR laboratories**

Ongoing update of the availability of the vaccine



at +1000 tests/month

Creation of the client


Setting of test types & test branches

Customization of the website (example: with logo, URL, imprint, pricing, time slots etc.


Banderole with QR codes 

Coupon codes and coupon promotions for your on-site advertising 

QR code for your billboard advertising 

You are interested?

To give you an accurate insight into the process, we have provided a sample page for you to test the process. 

More Modules


Certificates of authenticity for testing

Signing of findings, medical and legal documents, vaccination certificates, etc.

DSGVO/GDPR compliant and in servers on German legal ground

Verification of authenticity WITHOUT an app, ideal for events, travel, culture etc.


Digital vaccination passport

Convenient storage across medical offices

Security and personal reference through biometric features

Interfaces to common med. systems and formats


Contact Tracking

Tracking of visitors (restaurant, cultural events, retail)

Check-in convenient and fast WITHOUT app

NO STORAGE of personal data on local devices or at check-in at restaurant etc., access to pers. Information exclusively for authorities

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