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Open a test center

Instadical helps!



Encrypted identification and safe transfer of test results and personal data on certified safe servers



Full integration with all the facilities involved, all including safe data transfer and implementation support together with our medical partners



Findings are sent via SMS/E-Mail, issued in both German and English and contain a digital signature



Responsive interface for booking, management and transmission for you and your clients

You intend to be a test or vaccination center?

Antigen/Citizen Test 


per test at 100k tests/month

Booking portal for patients

 Check-in of the patient via QR code

Check-in of the sample via QR

Entry of the result

Generation of the result

Sending of the result via SMS/email

Forwarding of positive patients to PCR test

Notification of positive results to responsible health office



Graduated prices depending on purchase quantity

Booking portal for patients

 Check-in of the patient via QR code

Check-in of the sample via QR

Connection to the PCR laboratory partner CBT Eurofins

Collection of the laboratory results

Preparation of the report

Sending of the report via SMS/email

Free KV-PCR after positive rapid test

Logistics to our PCR laboratories

Ongoing update of the availability of the vaccine



Graduated prices depending on purchase quantity

Creation of the client


Setting of test types & test branches

Customization of the website (example: with logo, URL, imprint, pricing, time slots etc.


Banderole with QR codes 

* Prices per test depend on the total number of tests per month. Plus SMS costs.

** Probably additional logistic costs, after arrangement

Book, test, sleep, repeat

Using Instadical, you have an IT platform managing and automating the time and frequency of the test appointments, generating the result certificates and forwarding the results to the health authorities.

There are no longer prints, phone calls or re-bookings required.


Our Partners

Together with our partners Eurofins Genomics Europe Sequencing and CBT we offer and operate the whole chain of medical services and laboratory processes.


Instadical is a product of the FORSIT Group. We are trusted by

ABUS KG | Berliner Volksbank | BONPRIX | BMELV | Cisco  | Deutsches Rotes Kreuz | Deutsche Telekom | ERGO | OTTO Group | UN – United Nations Industrial Development Organization | Placetel | Universität Bonn | Scope Group | Stadt Troisdorf | Vodafone

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