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This is how it works

Appointment booking and reminder

Your customers can register in seconds, via SMS or email. 


  • You yourself define comfortably your individual time windows and capacities.

  • Workflow for PCR tests, Rapid antigen test and antibody testis are available. 

  • On request reminder of the next date of citizen testing

  • Booking site with own logo and imprint: Demo page


Convient smear test procedure and result

Your customer and you need only a few minutes for check-in and smear.

  • Information is conveniently captured via QR code with any Android device

  • Your customer can leave afterwards, no waiting for the result

  • Your staff scans the sample 15 min. later and enters the result, the sending of the finding by SMS/email is done automatically

You intend to be a test center?

Findings via SMS/email

Your customers will receive the results via SMS/email immediately after your staff enters the result.

  • The report complies with the legal requirements contains your signature and your stamp

  • The report is issued in German and English

  • The certificate contains a digital signature so that third parties (e.g. stores, theaters) can trace the authenticity, result and date of the finding. 


You test, we take care of the rest!

In case of a positive result, we take over everything important for you:

  • Fax to the responsible health authority

  • QR code for your customer for PCR testing and forwarding to one of our PCR test centers

  • Sending of the PCR result within 24 to the customer

  • Forwarding of positive PCR results to the public health department

In addition, you will receive daily statistics of your tests performed for your reporting documents

Our Partners

Together with our partners Eurofins Genomics Europe Sequencing and CBT we offer and operate the whole chain of medical services and laboratory processes.

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