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For citizen test, rapid test, PCR test, antibody test, vaccination

Create a digital test or vaccination site within ten minutes.

Billing per test performed (from 0,35€/test*). No cancellation fees, no hidden costs. Appointment booking, test execution, result dispatch - all quite simply in the browser.

How instadical works
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Now also compatible with the Corona warning app

This makes the test centers of our users billable. After confirming the appointment, the test can be registered via the QR code. In case of a positive test result, the contact persons can be warned anonymously.

You want to expand your test site?

We help you to connect your test site to a PCR laboratory including medical report and sample logistics. We also offer you the possibility to test your clients for Covid19 antibodies to determine the protection status after vaccination or recovery.

Fully comprehensive process pipeline. 


Runs in the browser, on any computer and smart phone. Access for patients, testing personnel and medical staff.


Identification with QR codes. Printable test results via sms, email and fax to patients and healthcare facilities. 


Flexible B2B and B2C pricing models and couponing for you and your clients. 


Full integration with major laboratory facilities, e.g. for Covid19 PCR screenings. 

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Data security

Our servers are certified by CSA STAR level 2 and ISO 27017/18, and are running on the Open Telekom Cloud, provided by our tech and distribution partner T-Systems International GmbH, part of the Deutsche Telekom. 


When desired, our solution anonymizes the personal data of your employees, passengers and guests so that the testing staff and the laboratory do not receive any patient information. 


Our Partners

Together with our partners Eurofins Genomics Europe Sequencing and CBT we offer and operate the whole chain of medical services and laboratory processes.


Instadical is a product of the FORSIT Group. We are trusted by

ABUS KG | Berliner Volksbank | BONPRIX | BMELV | Cisco  | Deutsches Rotes Kreuz | Deutsche Telekom | ERGO | OTTO Group | UN – United Nations Industrial Development Organization | Placetel | Universität Bonn | Scope Group | Vodafone

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